Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We acknowledge that your privacy is highly valued by you and you have the right to control such information. You have our assurance that we take all reasonable steps to ensure that your privacy is protected from unauthorised disclosure or misuse.

This page details the privacy policy for this site, and should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions that govern the use of this web site. By using this site, you acknowledge that you are subject to this privacy policy unless you explicitly request in writing any variation in the way we handle your personal information and privacy.

Information collected

The following information is collected:

  • web site statistics
  • cookies
  • requested personal information.

Web site statistics

As with most ISPs, our ISP collects web site statistics without identifying an individual. Knowledgedoc also uses Google Analytics to collect web site statistics without identifying individuals. You can opt out of Google analytics if you do not wish statistics on your visit to be collected.


Cookies are only used when you proceed to checkout, in our online shop. Cookies store temporary details about you while you are using the online shop, to assist you to get the most from the site. At the end of the session, they are deleted and no record remains.

Requested personal information

When shopping with us or becoming a member, we will request Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from you, such as your name, address and so on. You need to decide whether to provide this information to us. We are only able to provide our products and services if you do.

Use and disclosure of personal information

Knowledgedoc will only use the information collected for the purpose for which it was collected or required by law. Knowledgedoc may use or disclose information for the following reasons only:

  • indicated at the time you supplied the information, such as when shopping online or becoming a member
  • for the ordinary operation of our site, such as emailing you when the status of your order has changed
  • required by compulsion of law
  • in a manner that does not readily permit identification of your information.

Knowledgedoc will not use or disclose information about you for other reasons unless we first obtain your consent.

Disclosure to third parties

We will only disclose your personal information to third parties for the following reasons:

  • To our payment services provider, PayPal, for the provision of our service to you if you bought products or services.
  • To government agencies we are legally obliged to provide information to.

Storage and security

Knowledgedoc will take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information we hold about you. For more details, see privacy and security.

While Knowledgedoc will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any information which we hold about you, you acknowledge that the Internet is inherently insecure and that Knowledgedoc cannot provide any absolute assurance regarding the security of your personal information. Knowledgedoc will not be liable in any way in relation to any breach of security or unintended loss or disclosure of information due to the web site being linked to the Internet.

Knowledgedoc provides alternative ways of obtaining and providing information, such as via telephone, facsimile transmission or mail.

Knowledgedoc accepts no responsibility for any unauthorised use of a membership account. Please keep details of your membership account confidential. If you believe your account has been used by another person, please contact us immediately.

Changes to this policy

Knowledgedoc reserves the right to change this policy at any time. We will notify you by posting the revised version on this web site.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about this policy.