Policies and Procedures

We design, write, update and maintain policies and procedures, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for a variety of organisations.

Every business needs SOPs to ensure that the organisation adopts a best practice approach to executing tasks in the workplace. SOPs are living documents that contain instructions describing the steps to follow for all activities under defined conditions.


Protect your investment in people and systems by:

  • having all your SOPs documented, up-to-date and complete
  • maintaining your SOPs and changing them to reflect new procedures, systems, circumstances and regulatory requirements
  • ensuring your staff have the knowledge to perform their tasks using best practice.

Steps for developing SOP documentation

Your requirements are unique, so we spend time with you and tailor our documentation services to meet your needs and budget.

Typical steps of a SOP project are:

  1. Analyse your existing procedural documentation.
  2. Organise your procedures into a standardised and user-friendly format.
  3. Update existing procedures and write new procedures to make your SOPs current and complete.
  4. Make the SOPs accessible to all staff in a format that suits them, for example:


It is critical that business have up-to-date policies, rules governing the organisation, to ensure that staff know what is expected from them.

Knowledgedoc can assist you with your policies and the procedures that flow from them.

Need more information?

Whatever your requirements, we offer sound consulting advice and writing wisdom gained from over 20 years in the field, well-tested methodologies and project management capabilities. We are able to achieve excellent value for all our customers, no matter how big or small.

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