Early Learning Procedures - Family Day Care

Procedures for new family day care schemes

To get approval for your new family day care business, you need policies and procedures that cover the national regulations and any State variations. You also need them to manage your new business. The policies and procedures can be tailored to your business and to suit your needs.

Two of the biggest hurdles to developing the policies and procedures are the:

  • time and effort needed to develop them to the State government’s satisfaction
  • up-front cost, before you have even started earning money.

We can solve these two problems by licensing policies and procedures to you that have the following benefits:

  • We have already put in the time and effort so they will be approved.
  • You can pay a low quarterly subscription to avoid an upfront cost.

The other advantages you can expect in the future include:

  • improving the safety of children, by making policies and procedures easily understood by your staff
  • providing coordinators, educators and parents with information specific to them
  • improving how you run your business
  • keeping up-to-date with the latest government regulations and information
  • helping you achieve accreditation, so parents will prefer your service.

We have developed procedures for every state and territory in Australia.

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Procedures for existing family day care schemes

If you already have a family day care business, your procedures could be out of date. This exposes you to fines of up to $2,000 for each breach and being publicly named on a government web site. In truth, the money is not the life-changing issue; it is the safety of the children that is paramount.

Consider subscribing to our policies and procedures to stay up-to-date and enjoy the advantages.

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What's a subscription?

Just as you pay regularly to have a phone line, electricity supply and water supply you can also pay regularly to use our up-to-date policies and procedures for your family day care business.

Coordinators, educators and parents can access the information designed for them from their PC, tablet or mobile phone at any time, from anywhere.

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