Business Continuity Plans

Business continuity (BC) is concerned with resuming normal processes as quickly as possible after a disruptive incident.

Around the world, business continuity is being increasingly recognised as a mission-critical function. Business continuity has its roots in IT disaster recovery management, but has now moved well beyond the previous narrow IT-centric focus to incorporate:

  • business recovery
  • contingency planning
  • incident management
  • crisis management
  • emergency response
  • IT disaster recovery management.

One of our principals, Sue Woolley, managed the business continuity program at ESTA, Victoria’s triple zero emergency service. Sue’s extensive writing and IT experience combined with her three years working in business continuity means that she is well-placed to assist businesses with developing their BC plans, contingency procedures, disaster recovery plans, crisis management plans and BC policy documents.

Sue is an experienced user of the award-winning Linus Revive BC program management software.

Contact Sue for more information on Knowledgedoc's business continuity planning services.