Making the Word Quick Styles gallery useful

Sue Woolley
by Sue Woolley

Last month I talked about the importance of using Microsoft Word’s styles. In this article I discuss ways to get the most out of the Word Quick Styles panel. On the Home tab, Word displays a Styles list, called the Quick Styles gallery.

Microsoft Word Quick Styles gallery

This is a very useful shortcut for applying styles to text. You can select a section of your document and click on the style to apply it to the text. The Styles list that Word gives you by default is not completely user-friendly, so here are some tips for making it more useful.

Firstly, decide on the set of styles that you use most. I suggest that your set includes a minimum of Body Text, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, a bullet style, a number style and a list continue style.

Secondly, delete all the styles from the list that you never use, such as No Spacing and Subtle Emphasis:

  1. Right click on the style that you want to remove.
    Remove from Quick Styles gallery
  2. Click Remove from Quick Style Gallery.

And finally, add your set of most frequently used styles:

  1. Click the diagonal arrow at the bottom right hand end of the Styles list.
    Open the Styles pane
    The Styles pane is displayed.
  2. Click Options…
    Open the Style Pane Options window
    The Styles Pane Options window is displayed.
    Style Pane Options window
  3. In the Select styles to show field, select All styles.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Find the style you want to add to the Quick Styles list on the ribbon.
  6. Right click on the style.
    Add to Quick Style Gallery
  7. Click Add to Quick Style Gallery.
    The style will appear in the Quick Styles list on the Home tab.
  8. Your Quick Style gallery should look something like this when you are finished:
    Customised Quick Styles panel

My next article will discuss changing the order of styles on the Quick Styles panel.

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