PowerPoint Tip 1 – Creating handouts with slide notes

Sue Woolley
by Sue Woolley

In a recent project, we needed a multi-slide printing format that included the slide notes.

PowerPoint allows you to print multiple slides on a page, but you can’t include the slide notes. The only option you have is one slide per page with notes which was not a convenient format for the training facilitator.

Create a handout - Notes Pages

The Handouts option with three slides shown above only prints lines next to the slide that can be used for handwritten notes; it does not print the slide notes.

Instead, we discovered that you can create handouts with three slides per page, including your slide notes, by sending the slides to Word:

  1. Select File > Save & Send.
    Create a handout - Save & Send
  2. Select Create Handouts.
    Create handouts in Microsoft Word
  3. Click Create Handouts.
    PowerPoint creates a Microsoft Word document containing your slides, three per page, with the slide notes next to them.

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