Knowledgedoc Technical Writing Blog - September 2015

Eight things technical writers are very good at

Sue Woolley
by Sue Woolley

Technical writers don’t just write. We are highly accomplished professionals who are multi-skilled. In order to write effectively, technical writers must have research, analysis and interviewing skills to gather the required information together, expert writing skills, strong design and layout skills, editing expertise and a knowledge of output formats and publishing tools.

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Viewing a Word document in multiple windows

Rachel Woolley
by Rachel Woolley

A software user guide that we write has a summary of changes between versions listed at the top of a document. I like to view this list when I’m reviewing the document. Also, when I’m editing documents I often want to view the table of contents at the same time as I’m reading the body of the document.

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Creating training materials using single sourcing

Neil Woolley
by Neil Woolley

For instructor-led training to be effective and enduring, content is needed before, during and after the face-to-face session. In this article I’ll briefly discuss a project where we designed training materials using single sourcing.

In Creating role-based user guides using single sourcing, I discussed how we can reuse topics and books to organise and publish user guides. The same approach works for training materials by:

  • reusing content from the user guides
  • creating new training content and reusing it for multiple purposes and audiences.

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