Knowledgedoc Technical Writing Blog - June 2015

Alignment tab

Sue Woolley
by Sue Woolley

Tabs in Word all align text to a fixed horizontal position on the page, right? Wrong!

From Word 2007 onwards a special type of tab stop called an alignment tab has been introduced. You can use the alignment tab in headers and footers to automatically readjust the position of the text depending on the margins or page orientation.

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Introduction to sections

Rachel Woolley
by Rachel Woolley

Microsoft Word documents can be separated into sections. Sections are important for many reasons, you can organise your document into chapters with sections and have pages change design and layout throughout your document.

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Localising content using single sourcing

Neil Woolley
by Neil Woolley

Because Australia is part of the Asia-Pacific region, some organisations need to produce foreign-language versions of their content. The cost and turnaround time of translating and localising content can be significantly reduced by using single sourcing techniques and tools.

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Getting to know Adobe Illustrator

Richard Kennedy
by Richard Kennedy

Adobe Creative Cloud is an awesome suite of applications for anyone looking to add additional polish to documentation. One of the most useful applications in the suite is Adobe Illustrator.

Imagine your client has provided a logo to be reproduced at different sizes throughout a document, but they’ve only provided one image and when you try to resize the image it pixelates.

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