Knowledgedoc Technical Writing Blog - April 2015

Creating an RSS feed

Rachel Woolley
by Rachel Woolley

Rich Site Summaries, known as RSS feeds, are a great way to publish frequently updated information such as news or blog articles. In my last article I introduced you to RSS feeds. This article will discuss how to create and maintain an RSS feed on your website.

Start with your text editor of choice. Notepad will be sufficient but if you’re interested in a program with better functionality, Notepad++ is a free code editor.

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Introduction to single sourcing

Neil Woolley
by Neil Woolley

Centuries ago, all travellers to Babylonia were required by law to loan their books to the libraries so they could be copied by scholars. I characterise this as ‘write once, copy by longhand many times’.

With the invention of the printing press, a form of metal type was assembled, inked and printed onto many sheets of paper. I characterise this as ‘write once, copy many times’.

A series of information technology inventions have enabled content to be delivered online. For example, this blog article was written in Microsoft Word, edited into HTML and rendered by the web browser of your device. I characterise this as ‘write once, copy many times electronically’.

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Publishing creatively in technical writing

Richard Kennedy
by Richard Kennedy

Over my previous two articles I have talked about how creativity can be an excellent tool for technical writers. I have discussed how creativity can help technical writers capture ideas during the planning stage and enhance and enrich ideas during the writing phase.

In this final article on creativity in technical writing I will discuss employing creativity in the publishing phase. For the scope of this article, publishing is the process of outputting, editing, reviewing and finalising documentation formats for user consumption. Example formats include PDF documents and HTML pages.

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